Hrithik VS Kangana – The Whole Story

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Where did it start from?

Kangana called Hrithik indirectly her “silly ex” in an interview with PinkVilla. Hrithik in turn tweeted “ Ther r more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope dan any of d (Im sure wonderful)women d media hs ben naming.Thanks but no thanks.

Hrithik also sent a legal notice to Kangana seeking an unconditional apology for the statement to which Kangana did not reply instead she sent a legal notice to Hrithik and also blamed the actor of threatening her.

There were rumors of the actors being in a relationship during the shoot of Krrish 3. Kangana says that they were in a relationship and Hrithik even proposed to her while they were in Paris. She said she is not hiding anything but it is Hrithik who doesn’t want to share the relationship and thus protect his image.

Kangana sent 2000+ emails to the email id which Hrithik says is not his personal email id. His personal email id is . It has been found that has not responded to even a single mail from Kangana and still she sent 2K plus mails and by the way who sends emails to their loved ones when text messages or messengers are so convenient.

So was Kangana sending those mails to an imposter (person pretending to be Hrithik with id) for continuous 6 months without getting a single reply? Was the relationship only in her mind and just a fantasy. Can she be so childish?

Hrithik’s passport copies show that he was not in Paris when Kangana claims that he proposed her. Now the question is were they ever in a relationship or not? Hrithik has been denying any connection with Kangana in the past. But as we know Kangana is bold and fearless, she has not performed any item song since 6 years, she denies advertising for beauty creams and prefers women to be as they are, can such a lady do this kind of stalking.

Kangana also claimed that Hrithik himself made email id not to mess with his divorce with his wife Suzanne. She also said that the actor is leaking the mails in press to defame her. Hrithik has registered an FIR submitting all the mails to the cyber crime department and blaims Kangana for mentally harassing him.

Kangana’s sister Rangoli Ranaut had an email exchange with Hrithik in which again he told her that it was not his email id to which Kangana was messaging. It is unclear what Kangana is fighting for actually? However the matter is in investigation. Also the person using the fake email is being tracked. If no proof of their relationship is submitted or found by the police Hrithik will get a clean chit.


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