Patanjali – Eating the market share of top FMCG brands

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For the year 2014-15 Patanjali’s turnover was around Rs.2000 Cr and this year they are expecting it to be Rs.5000 Cr………more than double in a year!!!!!! Patanjali is a brand associated with yoga guru Baba Ramdev who has millions of followers in India as well as abroad. Baba Ramdev infact does not hold any stake in Patanjali Ayurved Ltd (PAL) but he promotes it in his shivirs often. Many people know of Patanjali only through him. They have been making hair products, tonics, digestion syrups etc. for a long time but they came into picture only when they decided to go full throttled into the markets of India and abroad.

Actually the company’s main stake holder is Acharya Balkrishnan who owns around 93% of the company rest being owned by Sarwan and Sunita Poddar, an NRI couple. The biggest advantage for them is that they are known for yoga which aims at the union of body, mind and the source of creation. Yoga is practiced all over the world. It has helped infinite number of people to overcome their health problems and to stay in shape. So it’s natural and obvious to think that the people who teach yoga will make better products than anybody else because they know better about every aspect of human body. “Patanjali” is actually the name of a great sage who wrote the yogs sutras.

Acharya Bakrishnan in a conference

Acharya Bakrishnan in a conference

But when it comes to selling your products there is always competition if you are not the first one to sell that product. Today Patanjali is all over the television on all popular channels. They have come up with Patanjali Atta Noodles at a time when Maggi is suffering allegations of lead in it. Their strategy is simple, they focus on their product and its advantages not like brands advertising “you will get girls if you use our product”. Also the price range at which they are offering products are 10-20% cheaper than other brands because of which prices of other brand products have come down, which is an advantage to the consumer at the end. More the competition, better the quality, lesser the price.

They have their own websites and apps to sell their products. Also one can find many Patanjali stores opening in marketplaces. They are spending a lot in advertising. According to IIFL predictions they will achieve sales of Rs.20,000 Cr in 2020. The fear Patanjali has brought in for the top fast moving consumer goods FMCG brands will benefit the consumer in numerous ways.

But the road has not been so easy for them. Baba Ramdev was a great criticizer of the previous UPA government because of the lakhs of crores of corruption which happened in their tenure. Hence it was a great difficulty for them to clear all the legal aspects to sell their products. On the contrary now it is NDA government who is in power so it may be a bit easy for them to get the legal permissions because Baba Ramdev has played a huge role in the winning of present BJP led NDA government.


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