RSS Loosening Up On Homosexuality

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RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) is a well known institution in India. They are known for preserving and practicing ancient hindu traditions. Their contribution in the development of the country is highly appreciable. One can find them in places which are disaster struck working with the NDRRMC or Defense for the rescue and rehabilitation of such places.

Common RSS Gathering

Common RSS Gathering

Since RSS believes in producing strong individuals of high moral standards who can provide their service to the nation, accepting homosexuality is a bit difficult for them. Nature knows only two things:- survival and procreation. The union of a man and a woman comes under procreation because it produces children but union of two men or two women doesn’t, so it cannot be termed as procreation or it seems it is not natural. Hence RSS feels that homosexuality is a psychological problem.

On Friday morning, RSS joint general secretary Dattatreya Hosabale tweeted, “Homosexuality is not a crime, but socially immoral act in our society. No need to punish, but to be treated as a psychological case.”

He added in another tweet: “Gay marriage is institutionalisation of homosexuality. It should be prohibited.”

But the question is “Is homosexuality really psychological???”

There have been attempts of chemical castration in the past which either resulted in suicide by the homosexual or homosexual ending up in a mental asylum. For example we have the case of Alan Turing – inventor of Turing Machine which is also known as the foundation for present day computers. He was found to be gay and was chemically castrated. He committed suicide after two years.

Clearly homosexuality is not a disease or psychological problem which can be treated. Homosexuals are born with the tendency of getting attracted towards the same sex as non-homosexuals have the tendency of getting attracted towards the opposite sex. Homosexuals are as capable as non-homosexuals and in some cases they are even better.

Because of non-acceptance of homosexuality in India by some major institutions they have never got the chance to prove their potential. As observed, physically challenged people (differently abled would be the correct term) most of the times are much advanced in some skills than ordinary people and so do the homosexuals.

Differently abled people have been given reservations in different fields but what about homosexuals? We need to give them the equal opportunity in all areas. They are as capable as an ordinary person in the development of the nation. RSS is slowly loosening up on this. It will take them some time to get in terms with homosexuality.

Its time we look through the eyes of homosexuals and give them their space.

Protest against Article 377 which states homosexuality as a crime.

Protest against Article 377 which states homosexuality as a crime.


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