Start Up India Campaign: Affect On India’s Economic Growth

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In India from the beginning of their school life students are taught that their final aim is to get a job. Once they complete their 12th standard they don’t go for something which they like but for something which will give them a job. If you score average you will get a decent paying job if you score more you will get a high paying job that is the common mentality. That is the reason for so many students opting for engineering and medical because there is more opportunity of getting a respectful job.

So the students are not studying to know the subject in its perfection but only to score good marks. Indian Institutes Of Technology (IITs) are known to get the most intelligent students in the country but the fact is most students don’t work hard to get into these institutions to explore, innovate or create things but to get high paying jobs. Nobody would respect an IITian earning 3 lakhs per annum. So the point is money the more you earn the more you are respected in society and for a middle class family education is thought to be the only way to earn money.

For the first time India has started breaking up with this mentality. Credits goes to our Prime Minister and the youth. Now the ultimate aim is not just getting a job but also creating jobs. The word “Entrepreneur” is heard by almost everyone at least once in past 6 months. Now that our Prime Minister has made it very easy to register a new company, get foreign investment, exit plans etc the youth is more excited than ever before. Many top companies in the world have huge percentage of Indian employees in it. It was once asked to Bill Gates “Why do you hire so many Indians when there is unemployment in our country?” to which he replied “If I don’t hire them they will create their own Microsoft”. The time has come when Indians have realized it. Now they are more fearless, ready to take risk, hardworking, humble and all those qualities required to build a successful business.

The role of The Viral Fever (TVF) Pitchers cannot be underestimated. They have shown many insights to aspiring entrepreneurs about how the journey is going to be. Also the comedy in the show has shown the fun in building your own company and the huge chances of you getting failed.

Yogi, Mandal, Naveen, Jeetu - Cast

Yogi, Mandal, Naveen, Jeetu – Cast

So what is the future if we move like this? In my personal opinion there will not be any more big organizations instead many small startups doing big. There will be a high economic growth in the country and India will be uplifted to the next level. People having potential and talent will be paid high. Many talented people today don’t get the right opportunities but it will not be the case ahead. There will be a significant increase in the number of jobs and foreign investment. The whole world will look upon India for business.


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