You Won’t Believe How Far This Guy Went Stalking His Love

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How long can a guy chase a girl? This guy named Jitendra Singh from Delhi did it for a decade. He first met the girl (identity protected) in the college in which they both studied. They were classmates. He proposed her for marriage in 2006 and she denied (common story of many). After that he continuously harassed her till her graduation.

In 2007 the girl moved to New York for further studies. So he started harassing and assaulting her parents. They reported the matter to police after which he was left on the agreement to stay away from the women.

But that was just the beginning he eventually moved to New York and tried to get admission in the same university. He was not given admission and was ordered to stay away from the campus. But he did not lose hope. He stayed there and continued stalking the girl.

The girl moved to California for an internship. Yes you guessed it right this idiot followed. The girl came back to New York and so did he.

Her degree course came to an end and she was hired by an information technology company in Plano in 2011. What about our hero? Yes he too went to Plano in 2014 after disturbing her by phone calls and other electronic means during 2011-2014.

While she was in Plano he located her by creating a credit monitoring service account in her name. Tough guy, won’t lose easily right.

When she was away he broke into her residence took her passport and other important papers along with her jewelry (Man of Steal). A neighbor saw him and called Plano Police which arrested him.

Time for Climax

Jitendra Singh has been sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment by Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis on 27th April Wednesday. “The jury put an end to this victim’s decade-long stalking nightmare,” Willis said in a statement.

He is 32 years old now so he will be 51 when he comes out of the jail. Interesting thing is will he continue his stalking business at the age of 51. Perfect example of “Never Give Up” 😛



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