Captain America Civil War Trailer 2 Breakdown

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Marvel has released a second trailer for the upcoming superhero movie Captain America: CIvil War.(There’s also a new trailer released called Hope with Captain America’s POV, they will drop one more trailer from Iron Man’s POV probably).

So with Civil War Marvel plans to enter its Phase-III (to know about MCU phases read Phases of Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU).

so let’s jump to the breakdown, the first thing that we saw in the trailer is a structure that look likes some of sort of government facility in a mountain


Probably this is the place where they have kept The Winter Soldier captive after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier


I think somehow he is still operating for Hydra and Cap wants to save him. I think somehow they will use him like Nitro for the stamford incident from comic books and this expolsion looks like it


so what happens in comic books is that Nitro Explodes thus blowing up whole lot of children’s school and surrounding areas.

In the later parts of trailer we  saw Chadwick Boseman’s character lying on the floor


and i think that is the reason we saw him  chasing winter soldier as Black Panther (His real name is T’Challa and he is the king of wakanda, the only place in the world where you can find vibranium the metal used to make Cap’s Frisbee).


The Black Panther outfit looks cool!!!

So next we saw General Thunderbolt Ross(He is the Red Hulk guys 😵)

Played by: William Hurt

Played by: William Hurt

He is sitting with Cap and team and showing them the phases of what they did in New York, Washington, Sokovia  the opening monologue “This job we try to save as many people we can sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody”, here Steve is talking about the collateral damages. and that’s where Tony Stark come in with this awesome line ” we need to be put in check whatever form that takes i am game” and  we see something coming out of waters


My guess is that it’s some sort of Confinement Structure to contain people with powers who have gone rogue.

I love the way they have edited the dialogues with the scenes like this one “I know we are not perfect but the safest hands are still our own it has voice of cap and the scene where tony tries to stop a bullet with his hand


and biggest WTF scene



but worry not both of these scenes happen at a different time in the movie, if you look closely Bucky is shooting with his gun but Rhodes is hit by something that looks like a laser beam or something.


one thing is sure his death(maybe) will be a pivotal moment in this movie and it will completely change the course of the movie.

Then we have a little chat between tony and black widow and just before that scene we saw her fighting with what looks like government soldiers, what’s happening here is that government wants tocontrol the avengers so all their files will be opened as it happens in comics and the history of black widow is not something to be ignored so we see tony warning her “They are coming for you”.

And yes this scene

Untitled bmh

“This doesn’t have to end up in a fight tony….. Bammmm You just started a war”

followed by scenes of black panther, black widow,scarlett witch messing up with vision and that Ant-man+Hawkeye one, a complete treat for comic book fans


Ant man uses hawkeye’s arrowhead  to land up on Iron Man’s suit trying to disable it.(Right up from the comics)

and this scene


The Guy in the mask is Crossbones, no doubt this scene is happening in the initial stages of movie but surely it will have some effect on the storytelling.

And then comes the Easter egg from Captain America:The first Avenger,  we hear Cap saying

"I can do this all day"

“I can do this all day”

towards the end of trailer we get a close look on the members of both the team

Team Cap: Captain America,Winter Soldier,Hawkeye, Falcon, Ant-Man Team Iron Man: Iron Man, Black Panther,Black Widow,Vision, War Machine

Team Cap:
Captain America,Winter Soldier,Hawkeye, Falcon, Ant-Man
Team Iron Man:
Iron Man, Black Panther,Black Widow,Vision, War Machine

Ending with the biggest surprise Yes SpiderMan


Definitely he is on Iron Man’s side, the costume looks good and i love that white CGI eye they are doing as they did in Deadpool. In comics Spiderman starts from Ironman’s team and ended up with Captain America. Moreover Steve Rogers dies at the end of Civil War in comics but i do not think they will kill him in  the movie because there have been some reports of his cameo in the third Thor movie Thor:Ragnarok, But i think he will give up his Captain America’s Mantle to someone else(Probably bucky).



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