Saddest moments from our favorite animations.

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Cartoons are the only thing that we all grew up watching and some of us still watches it. There are different types of cartoons for different age groups and moods. While few watched Johnny Bravo which was a male centric animation and some watched Power Puff Girls which was a female centric, also Pokemon , Dragon Ball-Z and of course Doraemon and Sinchan were or are  in our  favorite list. Some of them were adventurous while some of them were funny (in some cases irritating). But there were times when we have felt bad for the animated characters and have shedded  tears.

Here is the list of 5 sudden tragic death of loved ones.

  • Up (2009)

This cute adventurous film has a short montage earlier in the movie providing backstory of the old man, Carl Fredricksen, within a span of few minutes and in absence of dialogues, we see a young Carl becoming friends with young, energetic and bubbly Ellie. Then they grow up, fall in love, get married, buy a house and move in together. Everything was a fairy tale before Ellie’s miscarriage. After this incident, they decide to visit the Paradise Falls which was Ellie’s forever wish. They struggle many years to save money for the trip but Ellie’s illness caused her death.

The rest of the story focuses on Carl going to the Paradise Falls as promised to Ellie, the death of Ellie and Carl dedication to fulfill her only wish leaves audience with tears  and throat ache.

A lot of people commented that ”  Pixar created a better love story in 8 min then Stephani Meyer did in 4 books” , referring to the series of Twilight (which by the way is true):p.

  • The Lion King (1994)

When we hear The Lion King, the the first thing that comes to our mind is Timon and Pumba and their song “Hakuna Matata” (meaning ,no worries). But life is not always Hakuna Matata, there are ups and downs, betrayals and fights just like in this movie.

Simba’s father’s death (Mufasa’s death) was the saddest scene in the whole movie.  It was planned by Mufasa’s brother ‘Scar’ so that he can take the throne of the kingdom. Scar managed Simba to send him in the forbidden area beyond the kingdom’s borders, then Scar orders his hyena to start a wildebeest stampede. Mufasa rescues Simba from the stampede, but Scar causes Mufasa to fall into the raging stampede, killing him. What makes the death so tragic is that Simba is led to believe that the death was his fault.


  • Bambi (1942)

Like the Lion King, the death of Bambi’s mother will cause river flooding from your eyes. Young Bambi was just a fawn and was very attached to his loving mother.

One snowy winter, Bambi and his mother was out searching for food, when she was shot and killed by a hunter leaving a heartbreaking moment for the viewers. It was completely unexpected (like most of the deaths in real life are), Bambi searches for his mother and can’t find her because he never knew what death is.  He was forced to learn that she was never coming back to him again. The saddest part was that he did not even see his mother for the last time. 🙁


cute little Bambi

  • The Land Before Time (1988)

One of the favorite dinosaur movies, it is heartbreaking to see Littlefoot’s mother dying. She was trying to save him and her old friend Cera form another carnivorous dinosaur. However the bad dinosaur jumped over her back and took a huge bite from her neck. She still kept fighting to protect her son, even though she was really weak and needed help. After the exit of the bad dinosaur, earthquake happened followed by heavy rain. Littlefoot looked for his mother and found her lying down very weak and bloody. He begs her to get up, she tries but fails.

Realizing that she might not complete the journey toward the Great Valley (the place where they were heading) she talked about it to Littlefoot. He was listening to her and watched her dying slowly. After his mother passes away, he couldn’t eat because all he could think was about his mother and blames himself for all this.

sad Littlefoot

sad Littlefoot

  • Tom and Jerry

Yes, all is not well even in Tom and Jerry’s world. In 1956, Blue Cat Blues ended Tom & Jerry’s lives. We have seen them burning alive, being cut into halves, banging them with something really heavy and still they survived all this.

But in one particular episode, Tom is all sad and depressed and waiting on a railway track for the train to come, seeing his best buddy in that situation, Jerry decided to join Tom and accompany him even after death. They both waited for the train and when the train was about to hit them, the screen got black and the show ended causing the viewers to think that they committed suicide.

After all, Tom and Jerry was fun but this caused really a heavy pain in our throat.


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