Three Motivational & Heart touching Indian Ads.

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Internet surfing can serve many purposes,ranging from relationship advice to enlightenment theories and people follows several pages,subscribes channels and etc…


Meanwhile,there are few Indian television ads which plays a motivational role to the society and one’s life where one can learn many things for life to be easy & happy.

These three best Indian  televisions ads are  quite touchy and adorable.

  1. ARIEL.

As we know our society is a male dominant where a man just sit and enjoy his cricket with coffee in his mug while woman struggles with the kids homework,kitchen stuffs,washing,cleaning and etc, this ad is a perfect splash on a man’s face where it says that being dominant never means that household works are only belong to a lady, it needs equal  participation from men’s too.

At the end this ad  consummately links with the product it’s trying to sell( ARIEL detergent) where it says men too can help out their ladies not being a kitchen king but atleast can do laundry.

With dis ad ladies can absolutely hit their men sitting at home and enjoying ipl :p

2. ICICI prudential life insurance.

Another ad which defines gentlemen, it shows how a men takes a series of little care for their ladies(wife,mom,girlfriend,daughter etc) which just makes the viewer fall in love with their ladies more and more. Indian men where they proudly harasses their women stating their pride must learn from this ad where the actual pride lies. It shows how a true gentlemen can keep their ladies happy,safe and secure.

The tagline of the Bank plan and the message from the ad perfectly syncs unlike those FOG and FASTRACK ads.

ICICI- prudential life insurance   “Jo zimmedari nibhate hain wo jataate nahi” unko suraksha dete hain hum.

3.BRITISH AIRWAYSloving India since 1924

A six minute air service ad which is fueled by love is based on the true story of Helena Flyn (worlwide maincrew). The whole ad is in English with a soothing and adorable background music. In the ad a flight crew help an old lady with the amenities that are required to be done in the flight journey. The old lady gets so overwhelmed that she invites her to her house (please watch the ad)….

. The climax of the ad  is superb where Helena explains her journey and discovery in India,which will make you proud being an Indian.

Watching the ad you will always feel to board only on BRITISH AIRWAYS.


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