Game Of Thrones: Fallen Houses of Westeros Part-1

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When the First Men came to westeros, some settled in the dornish part of current world others went up North and the met children of forest and giants, after years of conflict first men and children of forest signed a peace treaty and children settled in the northernmost parts, then came the andals, and then targaryeans.

Westeros is full of Great Houses(Starks, Tullys, Arryns, Lannisters, Targaryens, Baratheons, Tyrells, Greyjoys and Martells) and Other Houses(every other house), but behind every great house that is present, many houses perished because of every single one of them either in a good or bad way.

In this Post we will discuss all the “Fallen Houses”, we will leave out the houses which may or may not be extinct after sometime because of illegitimacy of their heirs or some other reasons #baratheons. also we will focus on only the houses relevant to TV show viewers…….

So let’s start from one of the oldest house that fell because of one single man


Sigil: Unknown

Words: Unknown

Every fan is certainly familiar with the word “Casterly Rocks”, it is the seat of House Lannister, the overlords of westerlands, what they don’t know House Lannister were not the overlords of the region, it was ruled by House Casterly before the Age of Heroes.

House Casterly was the great house of westerlands which was filled with gold and minerals so they were obviously very rich, before Lann deceived his way on becoming the sole ruler of the region.There is no confirmed evidence of how this great house became extinct.

There are several rumors about their fall but one thing that was common in every rumor was the man called Lann the Clever, House Lannister derive their name and heraldry from him,  there are several rumors how casterly was destroyed by him, here are some them

The most famous story is that Lann was just a man at arms for lord casterly and he impregnated lord casterly’s daughter and made his way up using his child’s claim and became lord. Another rumor was that he married a minor member of the family and made his way up using only his tricks well he was known as Lann the Clever

Some other theories say that he manipulated every member of the family to kill each other or he infested their castle with rats or lions(lannisters do love lions).

Treachery or not it led to the formation of the richest and arguably one of most powerful houses in westeros HOUSE LANNISTER.



Words: Unknown

Founded by Garth Greenhand, claimed to be the first High King of the first men by many people in the Reach, unlike the other houses which are extinct, the bloodlines of house gardener is present prominently  in House Tyrell, Florent, Rowan and Oakhearts. It is a common belief in westeros that Garth greenhand taught everyone how to farm and that’s why the reach is famous for its corps.

When Aegon I started his “War of Conquest”, the reigning ruler King of the Reach Mern IX allied with Loren I the King of the Rock and tried to stop the the targaryen but they failed miserably and the Mern IX was incinerated along with thousands of soldiers of their unified army when Aegon I unleashed his three Balerion,Meraxes and Vhagar in the battle that is known as “Field of Fire”.

The targaryens chose House Tyrell as Lord Paramount of Reach.



This house ruled over the Iron Islands and Riverlands for a very long time till the Targaryen came into the continent.

Known as Black Blood, they ended the rule of house Greyiron during the Andal Invasion and in the Kingsmoot Harras Hoare was selected as a ruler for the IronIslands and married into andals to gain their support.

The Ironborn are famous for their warring and looting, at their apex they rule every single region near stony shore but subsequently lost many of their regions, before their fall Harren the Black  ruled from Harrenhal and his brother Halleck ruled from  Fairmarket.

Harren the Black constructed the strongest and biggest castle in the westeros a castle so high that it can defeat an army attacking on it even if they are outnumbered by thousands to one. When Aegon I asked Harren to surrender or otherwise he will wipe out his entire lineage Harren replied “Stones do not burn”, the rest of story is a legend, On  the back of his dragon Balerion the Black and burned the whole castle and Harren and his sons were burnt alive in the castle,this attack clearly showed the true power of a Targaryens, it is said that flaming ghosts of Harren and his sons can still be seen in the ruins of Harrenhal.

Iron borns selected House Greyjoy to rule Iron  Islands and Aegon I made Edmyn Tully of Riverrun as Lord Paramount of Riverland.



House Greyiron are from Orkmont and ruled as King of the Iron Islands for a thousand years.

Urras Ironfoot was chosen as first high king of Iron island after the Grey King( I will talk about the Legendary figures of Westeros in my next post stay updated!!) after his death his son Erich I Greyiron resumed his position but stepped down when threatened to death by Galon Whitestaff because he was selected without kingmoot. Greyirons have chosen 38 king till their fall twice as many as any other house.

The last of them was Rognar II greyiron was brought down by an alliance of Andal pirates, Hoares, Greyjoys and Orkwoods.



In the next part we will talk about the Houses which revolted against their Overlord Houses and were totally defeated leaving no heir


Before closing let’s mention some houses with very less information available about them

Houses which were decimated during the Northen invasion by Kings of the Winter House Stark in a war to unify the North,  are House Frost,House Amber,House Fisher of Stony Shore,House Fisher of Misty Shore and House Breakstone Flints.

Houses vanquished during Nymeria’s War are House Dryland and House Qoherys.

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