Game Of Thrones: Fallen Houses of Westeros Part-2

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A few days earlier we talked about The Fallen Houses Part-1 in Game of Thrones, in that post we mentioned the list of houses which were Ancient and brought down by newer better houses or person, in this post let’s talk about the houses which were formed to rebel against their liege lords but failed to do so,

Starting with the one that rebelled in the North

1. House Greystark

Little is known about them, but they are relevant to Stark history as they were once cadet branch of starks and when they joined hands with the Boltons in the rebellion, the starks made sure they are wiped out from history itself.

Their seat was at Wolf’s Den later came to known as White Harbour and before they joined boltons in a rebellion against Kings of Winter they ruled for 500 years, one stupid mistake to stand against their parent house and they became just a name and that too one that no one remembers.


Next up let’s talk about the one who roared before the Lions and as they like to say “A Lannister always pays his Debts”.

2.House Reyne


Strength and Valor

Seated at Castamere(Yes Rains of Castamere is derived from it), they were descendants of First Men and had golds and silvers just like the lannisters, they joined Kingdom of Rock when King Loreon I Lannister married a Reyne Girl.

This House was surely one of the greatest before their downfall which started only because of a desire to become Lady of Casterly Rock of Lady Ellyn Reyne, she was promised to Tywald Lannister who died  in Peake’s Uprising and later his twin Tion Lannister who died in Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion.

In 239 AC, she was accused of bedding the youngest Tystos Lannister and was married to Walderan Tarbeck. As Tywin always mentioned how terrible of a ruler his father was and it was true as the reynes prospered greatly under the misrule of Tytos Lannister, Roger Reyne the current lord of Castamere extracted large amount of golds from him but after the Ninepenny War or the Fifth Blackfyre Rebellion Tywin wanted his loan back from thew Rreynes who mockingly refused it and then it began in 261 AC the Reyne-Tarbeck Revolt, Long story short House Tarbeck was first one to be exterminated, in the aftermath the reynes hid inside a mine and Reynard Reyne went to tywin with peace terms, instead Tywin rejected them and filled the mine with water after sealing the mine.      ***sadistic ***

3.House Blackfyre 

The Black Dragon

We bear the sword

I like to call this house the proxy of House Tragaryen, founded by Daemon Blackfyre well actually he was Daemon Waters then legitimized to Targaryen.

So the story goes like that King Aegon IV Targaryen was famous for siring many bastards and he was his bastard from his cousin  Daena Targaryen.Daemon was one of the Great Bastards 1.Daemon Waters 2.Aegor Rivers(BitterSteel)  3.Shiera Seastar  4.Brynden Rivers (BloodRaven yes that old guy teaching bran he has lived like 150 years or so).

After the death of Aegon IV his son Daeron took his place but Daemon was still the eldest yet bastard of the demised king, this was the start of the House Blackfyre named after the Valyrian Sword “BlackFyre”.In his attempt to strengthen ties with Dorne, Daeron arranged his sister Daeneyrs I(not khaleesi) marriage with Prince of Dorne Moran Martell, but Daemon loved Daeneyrs and the rift continued,  the final straw was the news of King Daeron being a bastard of his mother and his uncle Aemon( No one saw that coming),

In 195 AL Daemon Blackfyre claimed for throne and the First Blackfyre Rebellion started, At the end of rebelllion in the Battle of Redgrass Field Daemon and his two eldest son were killed by Bloodraven and BitterSteel fled with last 5 sons of daemon to Free Cities, and formed Golden Company aimed to overthrow targaryens 4 more time blackfyres rebelled and again and again defeated last one being the NinePenny Wars.

It is believed that some blackfyres still live in Free Cities but nothing can be said for sure.




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