Kit Harrington’s Leaked Picture Analysis(Game of Thrones)

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Despite show-runners’ constant remainders that fans beloved Jon Snow is dead, we fans always find a way to keep our hopes as high as The Wall (Westeros’ Pun ūüėČ), also the cast members ¬†have given their own comments about his fate creating a much bigger chaos among fans.

This post is based on speculations some of them might come true so it may or may not have spoilers,¬†so before moving forward let’s just say it right


This still was leaked several months ago but as we are closing in to season 6 premiere let’s refocus on what we may derive from it

So here we go…….


The first and foremost thing that strikes our eyes is the guy in the Armor with perfect black hair so he is absolutely Kit Harrington. This picture was taken while they were shooting in season 6. Here are our speculations on the picture

1.Not a Flashback

Yes! no way in the name of Seven it’s a flashback scene as many may say, because First if you are watching the game of thrones you can count how many flashbacks we have?? ¬†only one right(Season 5 ep. 1 Cersei’s Flashback) ,in the season 6 they already have some flashback scene on The Tower of Joy Battle and Ned Stark’s childhood, so i hardly think they will flood the season with any more flashbacks.

Secondly in this picture  jon looks too old for a flashback.

2.The LongClaw                                                                                                                                                    Longclaw

Ok this was sort of obvious, the sword that he is holding is Longclaw the one of the last valyrian sword in westeros. If you have watched season 2 and season 3 the way Jon snow hold the sword round his waist is same as this pic, Plus if you look closely you can see a white mold above his belt that looks like the Longclaw ¬†and lastly the size of the sword completely confirms that it’s LongClaw!!.

3. Melisandre’s¬†Presence

If you look closely in the picture you can see a women under umbrella


Do i need to say more, it’s the face you can never forget those dutch cheekbones are hard forget as well as if the hair is definitely not black or blond(compare her hair with other crew members here) so yes i am 100% sure that this is our Red Priestess.

3.The Stark Leather                  

2CC3B40100000578-0-image-a-1_1443204342773 (1)

It’s pretty clear that he is in some battle scene (why bother wearing a armor), so you are familiar with ¬†House’s Armor you will recognize it to be the stark armor, for those who do not understand it watch the scenes where Ned stark/Robb stark is wearing an armor(Most conveniently during their death), it definitely the same Brown one. Book readers might remember that Robb Stark planned to legitimize Jon to make him heir to winterfell as he thought bran and rickon were dead,arya was dead probably and sansa was captive with lannister but the book never told us what happened after, also stannis made an offer to legitimize him and after his death his Hand i.e Ser Daavos Seaworth may act in the favor of the snow and make him Jon Stark.

4. This Guy

Remember the battle of Hardhome,¬†this episode is rated 100% on rottentomatoes, 10/10 on IGN and 9.9 on IMDb, this is the guy who directed that epic episode¬†Miguel Sapochnik.¬†i am not trying to create hype or anything but game of thrones ¬†have announced that he will be directing the “biggest,baddest battle ever on the show”. He’ll be directing episodes 9 and 10. you can see him with Kit giving some instructions and god i know that Jon snow is definitely fighting in the battle.

So no matter what anyone says or speculates, i believe for the time being yes you are going to read it right                                                                                Jon Snow is ALIVE!!!.



But hey wait…… yup be ready to have your heart shattered into pieces ūüėą just like ¬†whitewalker’s ¬† stabbed with dragonstone weapon.

5.The Bran Connection

 bran stark three eyed raven

So far we know that Bran last appeared in season 4 north of the wall with the three eyed raven and that old guy with him was cast to play that role. we know that bran is training with ¬†him to be a greenseer and improve his warging abilities, and just like any other student who can make mistakes, he can misread his visions due to his emotions or anything. As ¬†a greenseer he can see events of past or future or present, So it’s possible that he might be having the vision of this battle and somehow his emotions show him his long lost brother Jon Snow. ¬†Earlier also in season 3 ¬†he had the three eyed raven dream and he saw Robb and Jon standing beside him.

You know Just Saying!!!!……


P.S: Personally i am 100% sure Jon Snow is Alive Why?? see my game of thrones red band trailer breakdown here Game of Thrones Red Band Trailer Breakdown


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