Review : May i come in madam?

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I would usually begin by telling you a little about the plot of the show, and about the characters, but no,can’t do it  for this show, since there is no plot, there is no character, unless you call those mannequins pretending to be humans, characters. The story revolves around our main character .Sandeep Aanand who works at a marketing firm named “use me” , it is one thing to have unlikable characters and one thing to have characters which make you want to smash your TV, guess which one he Is, his job at the firm is never addressed to, and i don’t think it’ll ever be. He and his retarded brother in law share the same office, the peon of the firm played by Anup Upadhyay,  is also the chairman of it because he won a lottery a few years ago and bought the firm, and so apparently whenever he has his shades on he’s the chairman and when he removes it, he’s the peon .Our hero is married and his wife played by Sapna Sikarwar , she gets possessed sometimes, and this isn’t even me making a joke, this is one of the plot points, she gets frigging possessed sometimes and goes batshit crazy  and now finally onto the “madam”  of this show played by Neha Pendse,apparently she just finished her studies from London, because in every Bollywood movies and  TV show and movie, every NRI studies from London.

She’s supposed to be this bombshell on whom our hero goes crazy over, you’d think there would be some clever banter between them both,but no. It’s one piece of cardboard talking to the other about frigging cardboard’s , I’m being serious, the whole pattern of the show is her saying something normal, and our hero astound by it followed by a dream sequence where he just thinks about her , and this is one of my major problems with the show , they could be so creative with the dream sequences , they could explore so many possibilities since this is a dream and it doesn’t have much restrictions , instead they just over sexualize the “madam” with him gawking at her and the stupid laugh track playing over it.There are a few funny moments here and there , like all the interactions with the Elevator operator , which they manage to over do sometimes.   I’m dragging this review because this show is that bland, there is not much you can say about it, it’s story is bland, it’s concept is bland, it’s characters are bland, you’d think this would be India’s way out of stupid saas bahu serials, but no, this is another saas bahu serials,but with a hot madam. Would not recommend this show .


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