Supergirl–Flash Crossover Best Moments

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Fans have been waiting for this crossover since it was announced by CBS and The CW Network.

They  were not at all behind in teasing fans by posting all those stills and clips and to be honest it was worth the wait, except for few dull moments of love,jealousy,compassion etc etc

WarninG!!! Spoilers!! ahead for Supergirl S01E18 and The Flash S02E17.


At the end of episode 17 Siobhan Smythe falls from the roof but was amazingly saved by the soundwaves created by her, the episode starts where we see her in the DEO with Dr Hamilton, explaining how she survived the fall and she saw Livewire while storming out of DEO


Helen Slater and Italia Ricci

After a few minutes of utter BS siobhan walked right into catco building and used her soundwaves to knockout Kara Denvers which threw her out of the building falling unconscious and then enter The Flash


For those of you wondering how flash came in National City here is the explanation

In the flash episode 17 we saw flash travelling back in time a year before to seek help from Dr harrison wells who at the end of the episodes gave him the formula for speed force and we can see him wearing the tacheyon device on his chest


Later he explains how he ended up in that universe while he was learning to increase his speed, how he became flash to kara and co., ignoring the romantic plot lets jump to one of the best 4th wall break on this show by Cat Grant


“All four of you standing there doing nothing, you look like the attractive yet non threatening,racially diverse cast of a CW Show”

Moving on we saw Siobhan learning about the curse on the women of her family by a banshee by an irish, in her vengeance to finish kara she freed livewire from DEO and then comes barry again to rescue, he devise a way to locate livewire in a warehouse and team up with supergirl to face the girls


And as it happens always on both of these shows they fail miserably again


and again


and again (will they ever stop failing)


So period she saves a herd of people by getting electrocuted while saving the helicopter and our dear citizens had their conscience RESET to “Supergirl is a Saviour” and then came the real heroes firefighters who shortcircuited livewire by water AGAIN.


So our silver banshee coincidentally gets electrocuted by her friend (indeed).

Towards the end of episode barry and supergil combine both their speeds to help barry jump from this universe and we had a sweet ending



I appreciate CBS effort a lot for making this happen, overall it is good episode in terms of crossovers.                 It does have its dull moments but if you like the nerdy stuff of the flash and romanticized plot of supergirl you will definitely like this episode.

P.S  Supergirl is way too cute to dislike.





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