The Big Bang Theory renewed for 10th Season

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One of our favourite sitcom, The Big Bang Theory is going to complete it’s full 9 seasons of amazingly humorous journey successfully. Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, it was premiered in 2007 with the pilot of a cute blonde girl Penny (disastrously hot) moving across the hall of the two weird brainiacs (Leonerd & Sheldon) and of course Leonerd falling in love with his neighbour. It also introduced the two of their other friends Howard Wollowitz and Rajesh Kuttrapalli. As the show proceeds, Bernadette and Amy are also introduced to spice up the love life of our beloved scientists.


Those two reasons why “GUYS” watch TBBT 😉

The Best International Show 2016 award winners are about to complete their 9 seasons of friendship and scientific theories. Currently in its 9th season, TBBT has surpassed a number of major milestones recently, Penny and Leonerd tieing the knot, Raj’s ability to actually talk to women without any alcohol, and Sheldon’s Amy’s big bang.

With just 3 new episodes to go in season 9, we smell something big cooking in the season finale.

Spoilers alert

1.Will Bernadette and Howard find the sex of their baby?

2.Will Sheldon propose Amy?

3.Will Leonerd’s father will reveal a never before told secret?

4. And will Raj still be juggling between two women?

All of this means one thing, the writers are busy creating a perfect storm for the viewers in the season finale. And if not… Then the bazinga’s on us.

Well we are ready for one more season full of Cooper fever and unstoppable laughter. Will there be a season 11??? Well we should probably leave it for some other time. Right now all we care about is the season 9 finale and the renewal of season 10 with all the bone tickling sarcastic comedy of our geeky version of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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