7 most annoying Indian habits that pisses our heads off.

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As we know India is a country with rich culture where we are taught  respect, diplomacy hospitality and many other fancy things since our childhood. The first word that is taught to a kid is Namaste & Pranaam while first activity is to touch elder’s feet.

In such a rich cultured nation there are some people with their odd and irritating habits or activities which deteriorate our culture that’s being developed since ages.

Here are the 7 most annoying little deeds from our society that blew our heads off.

1.EXCHANGING FOOT WEARS: The chappal chors

This is the most common activity we face in our society where a foot wear of a person is found missing. And most prone areas to such activities are Temples,Masjids or any bulky places  where wearing foot wears are prohibited.

Seriously, with what thought or what kind of people are they who measures their foot in someone else’s pair. May be fun to them but it’s really damn shitty activity.

2.STICKING CHEWING GUMS: The akhand kodhis

Buddies you got a dustbin, say, you are insanely lazy to shoot your bubble gums in the dustbin atleast you can wrap it in a piece of paper and throw else where from where it can be picked and placed where it deserve to be.

But no, there are people who loves sticking it below the table,chairs or on the wall. Goshhhhh , it’s disgusting pals , kindly grow up.

3.SWAPPING SCREENS: The ungli Praani

Yes, these people have no long long relationship with privacy and seclusion. The moment they fetch someone else’s gadgets( most of the time cell phones) the first and foremost activity they are interested in is  gallery and social texts. There are few who asks permission to use some of the tools or glance something in the phone but end up scanning the whole folder.

Guys, this is a disrespect to someone’s privacy, some may feel everything is open between them but yet they need to respect the privacy of the other.

4.KNOCKING DOORS DESTRUCTIVELY: The Daya ka khandaan wala

For your kind knowledge the entity across the door is a human being and yes, they have pair of ear which senses sound.

There are few people who hardly believes that the sound produced during the knocks are reached to person across it and now it’s up to them that they open the door for you, but few ends up banging unless the person gets pissed off and open. They won’t at all mind that the person might be sleeping, doing some urgent works. Some starts composing music and few end up locking the door in return if they fail in their attempts.

Grow up and understand that the irritating level with such activities are damn too high.

5.DELAY IN DELIVERING: The late Latiffs

Yes buddy that belongs to me and you had just lent it.

These kind of people are really quite touched with concept of “JO TERA HAIN WO MERA HAIN” but the fact is “JO MERA HAIN WO MERA HI HAIN” & you got to return that and that too in time.

These kind of people irritates the most , when they do not care  to return your stuffs while you are needing it the most.


Bhai you got a nice hair cut “BUT” little more shorter from the side would been better. C’mon, is that way to compliment “BUT”. Well this hurts the ego as well rather than just irritating and it’s really common in North India where people are brand freaks.

“Jeans achi h, kaunsi company ki hain?” and if the answer is rather than some famous brand name then the achi jeans turns into “lekin comfortable nai dikh rha,thoda color bhi fade hain”

Really can’t guess are they complimenting or criticising.


That irritating moment when you are a guy and you witness or your own friends comments bullshit on women passing by. How can one get pleased by hurting or embarrassing someone .

It may be a fun from the commentator point of view but dig this in your mind fellas, it’s not cool. Come over this and try to be a gentleman.


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