Do we need Psychological Training?

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Life – the condition that distinguishes you from inorganic matter. The period between life and death. This period is made smaller, not by natural causes but by induced sufferings.
“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” keeping this old saying in mind the education departments started Physical Training/Education as a part of their academic curriculum. Along with boosting up the knowledge of the child he/she also attained Physical strength via games, exercise etc. But now times have changed. We have entered into a horrific world where the true meaning of the saying “Survival of the Fittest” is being portrayed at every turn in life. We are strong physically but Psychologically and Emotionally we are very weak. We have lost the will to live. People seriously need an attitude make over and Life Hacks to tackle problems that are currently sprouting in the world.

What might be the reason for this? Take up the day’s morning edition newspaper and open up we’ll find at least one suicide case. Has life lost its meaning? Or have people forgotten it. Some of us might find the reason for deaths very silly since we can’t understand the victims’ emotions. Mind is a really tricky organ to figure out how it works. Hence we can’t put ourselves in their shoes.

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From the past few days there have been a lot of suicides and suicide attempts that are on a rampage in our nation. From a high school teenager to a fully grown adult people have lost the will to Live.
July 3rd: 14-yr-old boy leaps to his death after BULLYING
The victim, who is studying in 9th std in a reputed school, regularly travelled to and from school in the school van. Another student, travelling in the same bus, is alleged to have been bullying about his physical features. The victim was upset that none of the other students stood up for him, forcing him to become a “Laughing stock”. He came home & wrote a suicide note and jumped to his death.


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July 5th: Chikkamangaluru DySP accused of abduction ends life.
It may be recalled that a gang of 23 gamblers were gambling at a den in Chikkakolale village in June when PSI raided and arrested all 23 persons. One of them was Tejas Gowda who later got bail. He was kidnapped by a gang and demanded Rs 10 lac as Ransom.
DySP Kallappa was acused of masterminding the abduction of Tejas Gowda and receiving Rs 10 lac to free him. DySP Kallappa’s phone conversation with Tejas Gowda’s friend Pawan went viral on Monday. The victim Tejas had filed a complaint against the DySP.

Disheartened DySP committed suicide by hanging himself in his wife’s maternal home. Kallappa was alleged to be working at the behest of a local VHP leader.

July 8th: DySP blames seniors on TV, commits suicide in Madikeri.
A police officer, who has been under the scanner for alleged involment in cases of corruption and a fake encounter, committed suicide in a lodge at Madikeri town Thrusday evening.
A few hours before his death, DySP M K Ganapathi had addressed a section of the media in Madikeri and accused two senior police officers in the state along with the Ex Home minister of hounding hin through the Lokayukta Police and the State Human Rights Commission.

So many precious lives fell victim because of their inability to face the world. Some steps that we can take to prevent such incidences in future are
Social and assertive skills training for children and adults
Parents and teachers should not take any bullying cases lightly.
Starting Psychiatric counseling centers in every establishment.

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Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced. If you live long enough you’ll make mistakes. But if you learn from them, you’ll be a better person. It’s how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is NEVER QUIT! NEVER QUIT!!.


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  1. Rahul Singh on

    We don't even know what happens to the person who someone commits suicide. Maybe its even worse. Better alive than dead. Nice article btw.


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