Science Behind Common Indian Practices

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Well a lot of Indians in urban areas have completely adopted the western culture and there is nothing wrong in that. India being a democratic country gives all its citizens the right to live the way they want. It is difficult to practice ancient traditions in today’s time.

Many of the things we do in India are looked down upon by the westerners and they have somehow convinced the Indians too to look it that way. Well that’s something I don’t like.

West has explored a lot into matter and developed wonderful technologies which we enjoy today and all credits goes to them for that. At the time when west was busy in matter the east was busy in exploring the human system. West developed technologies for outer wellbeing and at the same time east developed the technology for inner wellbeing.

Both are important I am saying. West can learn from east and the vice versa. I think it is very important to know why we do what we do.

Pineal Gland

Pineal gland is located behind the center of the eyebrows. Behind the point where the nose starts i.e. the tip of the nose. The same gland is referred to as the third eye in the yogic culture. Modern science is still exploring the functions of this gland and know very less about it like it regulates sleep and releases DMT but the yogis knew it in its totality.

The proof being so many meditation techniques are based around this gland. It is dormant in most of us but can be activated if given proper attention through meditation. It can take a human being in a different dimension altogether which is completely beyond the physical. It can reveal the truth to you and provide you with all the answers you need. Many yogis were able to go into Samadhi using this gland. They say all human beings are capable of it if they are willing to put the necessary effort.

Vibhuti, Haldi, Kumkum

With time fluoride gets accumulated at the pineal gland. Fluoride enters the body through food and water basically. Hence to detoxify the pineal gland haldi or kumkum is applied at that point. Haldi and kumkum are known to have many medical values and they get absorbed through the skin.

Vibhuti is applied mainly by south Indians on the forehead. In the Hindu tradition after death the body is burnt and the ash is left. So the ash is the symbol of human mortality. So the real substance which was applied earlier was ash but now it is replaced by vibhuti.

So we can say vibhuti is the symbol of human mortality now. In the hindu tradition a lot of emphasis is given on the realization of mortality. They want you to be aware of the fact that you will die one day for every moment.

This is not a simple thing and can transform a human being. Simple example being that if you are aware of your mortality you will do only the important things and not get into any nasty fight. You will gradually become more calm and relaxed. Anger will go away like a miracle.

That’s why vibhuti is applied so that you don’t forget this truth.


Sanskrit and Tamil are the only two languages in India which are made from scratch without taking the help of any other language. Sanskrit language is known to have the largest spectrum of sounds possible in any language.

The people who speak Sanskrit will not find it difficult to pronounce words in any other language. Whereas people who speak only English find it difficult to pronounce any other language because it has a very less spectrum of sounds.


You may have found that the number 108 is used in many things in India. Our body consists of 72000 nadis meeting at 114 junctions which are knows as chakras. Out of this 2 are outside of the body and 112 inside the body. Out of 112 there are 4 for which you don’t have to do anything. So there are only 108 chakras for which you can work. That’s why people make rosary of 108 beads, they chant 108 times etc. Also the diameter of the sun and the distance between sun and the earth is 108 times. The diameter of the moon and the distance between the moon and the earth is 108 times. The diameter of the earth and the diameter of the sun is 108 times.


In India every person belongs to some gotra. People with same gotra cannot marry because there genetics are very similar and if they reproduce the child will have weak genetics and may suffer from disabilities. The more different the genes the better it is. This is also acknowledged by science. Hence the record of the gotra is maintained and different dna chains are formed. People in the same chain are not allowed to reproduce. Caste is not a factor here.


Many devotees are considered as fools by others. In the east people got to know the limitations of the mind. Mind is a great tool and can take you far in life but it has limitation. Intelligently realizing the limitation of intelligence and dropping it to go beyond is devotion. So devotion is the path of the person who has realized the nature on mind and is willing to transcend.

There is a lot more you can find on the web. Curiosity is the limit.


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