Why a Man should grow a Beard !!!

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Beard has been a part of men’s fashion from ancient times, it has been on and off trend since then but for now Beard among men is very popular.

Beard are utilized to make personal statement and help shape an individuals personality apart from the fashion aspect itself.

However, not everyone is convinced as to why men should grow Beard, so for all the people who do not understand the “Beard”, we the Beard lovers will educate you as to why we LOVE it.



From prehistoric man to ancient Greece, Beards have been worn by bad-ass people such as these gentlemen.






However, Masculinity is not dependent on our facial features but instead defined by our willingness to reinvent our-self. Being a good man means that we accept change – the only thing constant in life beside endings. The act of testing the Bearded waters is less about facial hair and more about trying new things in your area of masculinity

People care about their looks, get set in their ways, adapt to one routine. Everyone growing a Beard means that every man should try new things within the limits and niches of their masculinity.


The University of New South Wales in Australia has found that women find men with Beard more attractive and more suitable to fatherhood and protection.


The same study found that men consider men with heavy stubble as a being more masculine then clean shaven men. As we are all genetically predisposed to wanting to appear as masculine and dominant as possible, this is only a good thing when you grow a Beard.


Men who have more confidence in themselves tend to be more successful in all aspects of their life, a Beard gives a man a sense of power and confidence that is readily evident to everyone around him. Therefore, growing a Beard is the way to set higher standards of life for a man.


In one study, eight men purposefully had their Beard shaved off and then grew them back. There were pictures taken at each stage of new Beard growth to keep record of the progress.

When then men had fully grown their Beards, the researchers brought together 64 men and 64 women to analyze the progress pictures and know their opinions. The research showed that as the men’s Beard grew in fuller, the opinion that the 128 people in the group had each man was perceived to be more positive. Each man was rated as appearing to be more mature, attractive, and healthy as their Beards became fuller.


A Beard can actually keep your youth intact because of all the protection it offers. Since facial hair keeps your skin clear of cancerous blemishes and having a Beard means you reduce the amount of acne and discoloration on your skin, your skin will stay healthy for longer. The ability of a Beard and moustache to keep allergens out of your system will also improve your overall health. In this way, Beard helps you look younger.



Blocks UV Rays

Scientific research has shown that thick Beards are capable of blocking 95% of the UV rays from the sun. Not only do Beards prevents your skin from getting burnt but they also help to protect your skin from getting cancer.

Shaving results in Acne

According to research, shaving your face helps spread the bacteria that causes acne. This means that allowing your Beard to grow and taking proper care keeps facial skin healthy.

Fewer Wrinkles

Another benefit of less exposure towards sun light is that you get less wrinkles. While the option to protect your skin from facial hair is not open for everyone. My advice is that those who can, definitely should.

Keeps your skin Moist

Shaving opens up the pores in your skin and can also cause cuts on face that will dry out your skin over time. In the summer and winter, exposed pores create a situation where your skin loses moisture and can start to flake. But when you keep a Beard you can avoid all these things and keep your skin nice and healthy.


Why grow a beard? society will tell you it is sexy. In some culture, pundits will convince you it is manly to grow out a beard. Listen to the right people and facial hair is all the rage. We exonerate the “manly” man in movies by never requiring they shave their beards. Novembeard is a multi-million dollar cause everyone can get behind.

These are not the reasons you should grow a beard.

You should never grow a beard because society tells you that men grow beards. You should never grow a beard to impress a partner or attract someone. You should never grow a beard to fit a certain category.  No, there are so many more reasons to grow a beard.

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