Google Going Hard On Smartphone Makers

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With about 70% of the smartphones in the world powered by Android there is a huge responsibility on the operating system’s maker Google to keep the OS updated with upcoming features and security updates. Hence the company releases a new OS almost every year.

But do you get the new OS update or are you still on the previous version because your smartphone manufacturer like many others have not aired the update yet nor will they in future.

Android suffers from the problem of fragmentation. Only 7.5% of the users are on the latest OS Marshmallow, 35% on Lollipop, 32% on Kit-Kat and the rest on vulnerable outdated Jelly Bean, Ice Cream, Gingerbread and Froyo.

On the other hand Apple’s OS iOS 9, which is the latest version is running on 84% of their devices. Reason being they sell their own smartphones with their own OS in it. Also they air the updates on regular basis and their customers are rich enough to have high speed unlimited internet plans.

Due to the fragmentation problem in Android developers too face difficulty in making their apps run smoothly on all versions of the OS. It also contributes to more cost to the project since many features are not supported on previous versions and hence apps need to be highly customized for them.

So Google is now planning to public the list of smartphone makers who are regular in releasing OS updates to their customers. This will obviously have a huge impact on the smartphone makers since nobody wants to buy smartphone made by a company ranked low by software giant Google.

I personally own a Micromax product named Canvas 4 which is still running on Jelly Bean and no updates have been provided by the company. Seems like they forget about their products after sales. Or it may be their strategy so that the customer buys a new product.

But don’t worry you don’t have to wait for Google to release the list, if you are a little technical you can install the latest version of Android on your smartphone yourself. Head on to and get a custom ROM like me. There are many Custom ROM’s out there with many cool features and design. Example – MIUI, Cyanogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Pac, Paranoid, Omni

WARNING – Flashing your smartphone will void warranty. Make a backup first and read all the instructions carefully before flashing. But you will enjoy the new feel.


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