Whatsapp now has end to end encryption

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Whatsapp’s newest update will now feature an end to end encryption feature , this in laymans term means that your data will be safe from unsafe hands as whatever photo , video or documents that you send will be encrypted on our side and decrypted on the senders side .This means even if someone does get access to the data , they won’t be able to make sense of it


There is also a way you can verify that your data being sent is encrypted , you can find this option in the chat info screen , where you see the 60 digit number  , this is completely optional . have your friend nearby and you can scan the QR code and if the number on his phone matches you get a green tick .

Also whataspp has moved the status way below from where it actually used to be , the older way was better IMO , hopefully the fix it in the next update


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